TSV1: The Nord Lead 2

The first volume in the keyboard Tribute Series finds Brevin Eldman tinkering with the Nord Lead 2, a virtual analog synthesizer manufactured by Clavia. The Nord Lead 2 features a distinctive red coloration, a wooden pitch-stick, and a stone modulation wheel. Eldman traded some space plans to a security guard at the 2003 Musikmesse show in Germany in exchange for use of the Nord Lead 2. For three days, Eldman furiously worked in his hotel room, finding inspiration in the synth’s expansive sound banks and tweaking every button and lever on the knob-laden surface. Upon returning to the US, Eldman added real percussion and programmed beats using Propellerhead’s Reason.

Recorded at Cat Alpha Studio and on-location
Mixed and mastered at The Observatory
Released October 7, 2017