Brevin Eldman is an amalgamation of Brent Bowman and Gavin Elder, created to infiltrate all known and unknown musical genres. He is perhaps an imagined 1960s electronic composer whose contemporaries included Walter Carlos and Hans Wurman.


The Thinning Veil

This EP was released to coincide with Halloween and features six songs that take the listener on a journey through the underworld as well as the world between worlds. The title track is designed to be…

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Phonoscènes is a collection of musical vignettes that are sound tracks to films that never—or haven’t yet—existed. Eldman combines the usual synths with organic instruments and develops a new…

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By Design

Widely considered to be Brevin Eldman’s “pop” album, By Design is a perfect introduction for new listeners. Mostly comprised of 2- to 3-minute hook-laden ditties, the variety of approaches to style…

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In literature, a novella is a type of prose fiction which is shorter than novels but longer than short stories. The title aptly describes the material within—a collection of short, instrumental explorations of…

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Uneasy Listening

Occasionally, an artist comes along and creates a new genre of music. Such is the case with Brevin Eldman and Uneasy Listening. With equal parts discomfort, disquiet, and dissociation, the eight pieces weave…

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TSV1: The Nord Lead 2

The first volume in the keyboard Tribute Series finds Brevin Eldman tinkering with the Nord Lead 2, a virtual analog synthesizer manufactured by Clavia. The Nord Lead 2 features…

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