From punky outbursts to ambient piano soundtracks, as a solo artist Mark Ultra makes music with limited commercial potential on any available keyboards. He re-emerged recently with two new schemes: playing Fender Rhodes in Lawrence Lanhan’s revamped Disappearing Ink project, and once again on organ and backing-screams for a madcap garage band, The Red Eyeballers.


Inhuman Infestation

Mark Ultra was radicalized by the President’s hate speech and conceived, wrote, and recorded this Saturday night/Sunday morning, August 1, 2019. The pendulum always swings back!

Cinemarried Soundtrack

These are the theme songs from the Cinemarried podcast, which showcases the differing perspectives of married couple Jamie (the film lover) and Amy (the critic). Join the discussion as they tackle…

Music from Revenge of the Homunculus

Three songs on solo piano from the soundtrack to Revenge of the Homunculus, a film by Ken Mars. A tale from a future gone wrong. For Mature Audiences Only. And so is the film…

Mark Ultra Presents The Mark Ultra Project featuring Mark Ultra

In February 2007, the OFM boys each attempted to tackle the RPM Challenge, for which musicians write and record an album entirely in the month of February…